Friday, 19 August 2016

Will studies get cheaper after the Brexit?

 A lot of people are wondering whether studies in the UK are going to be cheaper or more expensive following the all the Brexit events.
             The impact on the economy and the pound is already noticeable, with the pound showing the initial signs of recovery after the initial down fall. According to a higher education expert– EU public diplomacy and outreach in India and in the SAARC, ‘This will affect Indian students in many ways. Studying in UK was never this inexpensive. The fee will reduce and this means that more students can now dream of studying in the UK.’ The new UK visapolicy updates, also lets the student to extend their stay to six months after their academic course is complete.
             However, students need to be a little cautious. Rahul Choudaha, CEO of DrEducation, a US-based global higher education research firm, says, “In the immediate short-term, direct cost of studying in the UK will be declining due to currency devaluation. However, uncertain prospects for finding work opportunities will make it (difficult for students to) recover direct cost and hence overall cost of study in the UK will still increase.” Visa issues can be resolved if the UK government brings in a separate visa policy for Indians and other international students of Commonwealth nations.
             According to Carly Minsky, student content editor, Time Higher Education, UK, “For international students outside the EU who are already required to pay international rates, tuition fees will not be directly affected by Brexit, although there are various factors which could affect the cost. If the pound remains weak against students’ home currency, these students ultimately will find themselves better off when they pay tuition in sterling. However, if universities suffer financially after Brexit, whether due to a lack of EU funding or fewer EU citizens deciding to study at UK universities, they may decide to increase fees for international students to make up for the deficit.”
               About the author - PROVE (Professional Registry Of Verified Employees) is a new labor oriented service promoted by National Organization for Software and Technology Professionals (NOSTOPS), to help fill in the gap information that the Indian Knowledge worker heading abroad face when it comes to knowing their Rights. 

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