Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Do you really need a foreign education consultant?

                If you are aspiring for higher education abroad, If you are not going to let the borders step in between you and your dreams. Then these questions have crossed your mind at least once. Do I really need a foreign education consultant? And what exactly they do? We are going to answer both questions briefly.
                First, you don’t really NEED a foreign education consultant but having one can save you from a lot of hassles, provided that he is genuine and well known. With foreign education reaching all times high there are many fraud consultants looking for preys, beware, getting such foreign consultant can get you in many legal  troubles. But a well-known and reputed consultant can provide you with the expert guidance, they play a crucial role in the whole process by helping you in,
·         Choosing the right university/destination.
·         Choosing the course.
·         Basic information about “each & every” university.
·         Getting hold of “valuable” scholarships.
·         The highly complex Visa process.
·         Transition to the foreign culture.
                A good foreign education consultant will not only help you accomplish your dream but also see to it that it heads in the right direction.   

                 About the author - PROVE (Professional Registry Of Verified Employees) is a new labor oriented service promoted by National Organization for Software and Technology Professionals (NOSTOPS). PROVE the open registry helps fill in the gap information that the Indian Knowledge worker heading abroad face when it comes to knowing their Rights, with Employment verification and agreement, and Visa policy updates.

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