Friday, 19 August 2016

New changes in the Ireland’s employment process.


  Several changes have been made in the Ireland’s employment process, benefitting the people looking to pursue a job in Ireland. Apart from making the process online, immediate changes are made to the Highly Skilled Eligible Occupations List (HSEOL) and the Ineligible Categories of Employment List (ICEL) allowing Irish sponsoring companies to employ more foreign nationals. Further, the requirements for Trainees under Intra-Company Transfers have also been relaxed. So,
What are the Changes?
Employment Permits Online System (EPOS) moves forward.
The Department of Jobs, Enterprise, and Innovation (DJEI) announced last week that it will be assisting employers by making the Employment Permits process easier and faster for their foreign workers. In September, the DJEI will roll out its new Employment Permits Online System (EPOS), which will provide intuitive online application completion and filing, document submission, and fee payment for Employment Permits in Ireland. This much-anticipated improvement should result in a more convenient process with a faster turn-around time for applicants.
Relaxed Requirement for ICT Trainees
In the final noteworthy part of last week’s announcement, the DJEI reduced the minimum employment period for Trainees under the Intra-Company Transfer (ICT) Permit scheme from six months to one month. Now foreign national trainees only employed with their foreign employer for one month are eligible for assignments at the company’s branch or affiliate in Ireland. These changes to the HSEOL and ICEL lists and to the ICT trainee regulations are effective immediately, and the details will be incorporated into the new EPOS online application process and the accompanying amended forms due out in early September.
Additions to occupation lists.
Also to support employers experiencing labour shortages, the DJEI has made immediate additions to the HSEOL list, which determines whether an applicant holds an occupation eligible for a Critical Skills Employment Permit. The DJEI also made adjustments to the ICEL list of occupations ineligible for employment permits.
The following occupations have been added to the HSEO
·         Paramedics
·         Respiratory physiologists
·         Tax consultants specializing in non-EEA taxes
·         Accountants working in the multinational corporation (MNC) global audit services.          

        These changes are extremely positive and are welcomed by the international community of overseas workers. 

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