Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Indian students and workers denied Visa

The Indian population has surged since the 1990s to become the second-largest immigrant group in the country after Mexicans, and ahead of those born in China, the Philippines, and Vietnam. As of 2013, more than 2 million Indian-born immigrants resided in the United States, accounting for 4.7 percent of the 41.3 million foreign-born population. India is also the second-largest sending country of international students to the United States.

But recently there is a surprisingly high rates in Student and workers visas turned away. In January 2016, 322 students were denied. The overall number of Indians entering the U.S. on a student visa also increased in December and especially January, likely because of students returning to school from winter break. But that jump isn’t enough to explain the increase in students denied entry, especially because increases in admissions earlier in the year didn’t result in any increase in rejected students. In December 2015, about 2.5% of all Indians who attempted to enter the country on a student visa were denied entry.
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