Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Beware of fraud universities

During the shut down of University of Northern Virginia many students were unaware of it and later caused a threat to foreign education.  Not all universities aim to cheat. But the article brings attention to argue the fact that the brokerage of student enrollments by foreign universities creates a student enrollment grey market that mislead and misinform. For students who aspire to pursue their education abroad, the most important process involves selecting the right university. It is also a time consuming process. Students should be extremely careful while selecting an institution abroad.  Many would agree, the costs towards a Masters degree program in India is generally about 30 – 40 per cent lower than the ‘preferred destinations’ abroad.

To get into the process of getting university abroad we need to get in touch with an agency or consultancy. Earning them a high mark up simply for filling a seat in an institution of higher learning abroad, increasing the tuition costs – sometimes up to 40 per cent higher. But the internet revolutionized the way the 'business of education' was done and it gave birth to these dodgy operators who moved into the virtual realm easily and swiftly!

If you want to seek a foreign university program and are hell bent on it, do a due diligence check on the student counselor you meet next. Arm yourself with the knowledge that often the most ‘preferred’ universities are not necessarily the ones that suit your needs rather they could be the ones that offer a greater profit margin to the counselor.
Know that the tuition fees you pay to the foreign university, a percentage of these come back to the counselor that has helped you seek an admission! Why bring these sly foxes in between when you can help yourself register with authorized job employers?

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