Friday, 3 June 2016

Foreign Employment: Pain Point Part - 3

When it comes to seeking an employment overseas, the market is saturated with fraud by broker agents that charge cash for visa, and often do not file a work petition for citizens from abroad. PROVE (Professional Registry of Verified Employers) therefore, cross verify both the job seeker as well as the overseas employer.
Advantages to the Worker:
  •             Being sought against being pushed for employment overseas
  •             Employment Opportunities void of broker intervention
  •        Opportunity to earn maximum dollar value for earned skills, education and experience
  •        Opportunity for freelancers and existing employees of organizations to reach foreign employers direct one-on-one
Advantages to the Employer:
  •          An Open transparent network that tackles fraud at its source, No resume required.
  •          Workers specify the minimum salary expected, minimizing multiple brokerage of talent
  •          Companies “make an offer’ giving the worker the right to accept or deny an offer
  •          Companies post job requisitions for free and receive most relevant candidates - a work visa   is a function of a job, thus eliminating fraudulent job offers.

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