Thursday, 19 May 2016

You grow up to be a stronger person while studying abroad!

When you think of people studying abroad, you see their selfies in class and you see them cooking Indian food with a bunch of Indian people, but those are just photo montages, not the whole truth.

It doesn’t show you the apprehension, the nervous butterflies and the sinking feeling of leaving everything familiar on this side of the ocean. You don’t click pictures of your first day in class when you are trying really hard to fit in and find people to connect with.

You learn to eat alone at restaurants and watch movies alone in cinema. You learn that you don’t need to depend on people for most things
You learn that everyone who lives there can run to their siblings, best friends from primary school if they want to. Meanwhile only your computer is waiting for you in your room.

It’s been an uphill battle and sometimes it runs you to the ground, but you manage to grow up, to become responsible for yourself, to understand the world outside of a safe cocoon. You come out resilient and strong.

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