Tuesday, 22 March 2016

5 reasons why Indian IT professionals prefer India

In last couple of years there has been severe shortage of H1B visas. The H-1B Visa policy is quite a lucky draw. In last couple of years the number of Indians returning back has been constantly rising and according to survey recently conducted by Indus ventures around 60,000 professionals settled in US have returned to India in last year alone.
Here are the 5 reasons why Indian IT professionals prefer India:

1. Rapidly decreasing gap between Salaries in India and US. Salaries of Indian IT professionals in last few years. If you compare the living cost and salary ratio, I think an IT professional can lead much higher standard of living in India than he does in the Western countries.

2. Opportunities! India is full of opportunities, with every MNC globally trying to open shop in India. Infact, the reason for such higher salaries in IT professionals is lack of people in this Industry. According to one recent NASSCOM survey, India is facing severe shortage of IT professional by nearly 30%.

3.  The reasons are increasingly for professional challenges too! Some feel that they can ‘break the glass ceiling ‘ by taking up assignments in India-which would also help them propel their career into executive positions-in a few years time. I suspect the dual citizenship helps.

4. Few years back, India was not conducive to Startups and Entrepreneurship but times are changing now.

5. Digital India - It has helped to bring a new era in India where the IT professionals have a wide platform to project their ideas and prove their capability.  

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